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          Hello, welcome to ctc technology website!

          ctc technology CO.,LTD20 years experience in power supply control IC

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          Product list

          FREE HOTLINE86-400-788-7770

          MORE+ Thanks for the below customers give us the biggest support

          We supply you one-stop Application solutions

          CTC can supply you the whole free technique support from product design to product produce. Our professional engineer can debug the Demo, test the safety for you, to make your product at the optimal state, Supply you the application solutions for the series of the product.

          Free Hotline:86-400-788-7770

          Free Hotline:86-400-788-7770 Inquire for business Solution Consulting

          MORE + Cooperation case

          Glanz - learn to let customers moved

          Galanz's aim is: to let customers moving, it is so easy to let customer feel satisfaction, but hard to make customers moving. Galanz is keeping constant effort toward this goal, To have today's important position in electronics industry of the world...


          CTC pressure sensor used in the watch

          CTC 's pressure sensor CPS131 used for watches of Branch billion Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Get the customer's accept and recognition. Outdoor sports watch is one of the necessary electronic equipment for outdoor travel enthusiasts...


          CTC Cooperate with Honor Electronic on Power Supply

          Honor Electronic was invested and established by Maxjade in 1995, is one of the largest manufactures in the switch power supply and adapter in the southern part of mainland China. The Company is engaged in developing...


          CTC cooperate with Midea which is the leading...

          CTC is a professional agent sales of semiconductor devices and technology service company, have a good relationship with the Induction cooker division of Midea since 2009,CTC's chip use for the small appliances power supply...


          High-end kitchen electric appliances ROBAM...

          Founded in 1979, Boss Electric is a professional production of high-end range hood, gas stoves, disinfecting cabinets and other kitchen appliances company, after more than thirty years of development...


          Good Consistency

          CTC had worked with the company more than 12 years who is the NO.1 household appliances seller in China , from the first trail order to the bulk order, the Property are stability.

          CTC is the professional supplier for the high quality Micro Pressure Sensors and LED Driver IC

          Defective Rate Is Low

          We choose the electronic component supplier very carefully for those 12 years

          Carefully Selection the Wafer source

          To be strict for the defective rate control of the packaging technology

          24 Hours Delivery!

          We have plenty of stock for the normal materials, will send out the goods ASAP after get your order!

          A one-stop Application solutions

          CTC can supply you the whole free technique support from product design to product produce.

          Our professional engineer can debug the Demo, test the safety for you, to make your product at the optimal state

          Asking for free:86-400-788-7770

          Perfect service system

          • Service-pre-saleFree samples and application information are available

          • Sale ServiceCTC Provide professional on-site technical support services

          • After-sale ServiceImmediate processing for customer complaints

          Pressure sensor company visit guilin

          The landscape of guilin, with its charming, make numerous tourists from all over the world. Our pressure sensors, the company's employees at the time of the year 11 come to ...


          LED the market prospect of the filament lamp

          Led lamp filament in 2014 Led market is fairly frequently, if there is any value and market, each have each point of view.The feasibility of traceability: led lamp filament ...


          MORE+ Problems

          Ask:Now what types air pressure sensor?
          answer:Current sensor mainly include inductive sensor (commonly known as "proximity switch"), capacitive proximity switches, photoelectric...
          Ask:The influence ... of LED lights?
          answer:LED power supply is the core components in the finished product LED lights, and LED power supply chip in LED power supply has played...
          Ask:What is the ... each pressure sensor?
          answer:Inductive pressure sensor to detect metal objects, common application for mechanical positioning; Capacitive pressure sensor can...

          MORE+ About us

          CTC Technology Co.,Ltd

          CTC Technology was founded in 2006, headquartered in DongGuan SongShanLake high tech development zone and customer support centers in Shunde, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, HangZhou...


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